Utilities and Communications

SunGeomatics offers Spatial and Non-spatial data management services for Utilities such as Electric, Gas, Water, Telecom etc. to cater to the needs of Government and Private agencies.


We turn valuable raw data which already have, into a meaningful map which helps to manage critical assets, plan smart routes, plant sites, water flow modeling, turbine locations and track vegetation to comply with regulations.

Oil & Gas

Our spatial modeling can help you find the best places to build a new facility, map current facilities, and manage network assets.


SunGeomatics collects, integrates, and analyze all data from internal and external sources to make smarter water systems, which in turn help customer to understand buried assets better, optimize performance, and extend the life span of assets.


SunGeomatics specializes in creating interactive Geospatial solution using disparate source of information, which helps customer to take smarter decisions about cable, towers and service coverage. It also helps to plan, build and expand services to the place that need it most.