About Us

SunGeomatics is a Geospatial Services company with expertise in analysis, mapping and delivery of geospatial information. Our strong technical expertise with proficient project management process has been providing advanced mapping, modelling and classification based solutions to a variety of industries worldwide. We are committed to our clients and deliver the highest quality data that meets project expectations. requirement standards.

Why SunGeomatics?

Professionals at SunGeomatics bring in a unique combination of industry experience, technology exposure and agile work models which helps make complex jobs look simple.

Our GIS specific verticals seamlessly talk to each over thus bringing in a holistic approach to addressing project requirements and our clients end up getting more than what was needed. This approach to addressing project needs has helped us successfully complete hundreds of projects which has resulted in winning large projects and having our clients keep using our services year on year.

With emerging competition, SunGeomatics stands out with its unique qualities like,

  • Proven work Methodology

  • Innovative quality

  • Realistic thinking through market research

  • 15+ years of domain knowledge

  • Delivering the services in a quick turnaround time with high quality

  • Maintaining the trust, already gained from our customers

Quality Policy

To strive for excellence in all possible aspects in our journey to deliver Advanced Geospatial Solutions  to our clients.

Quality Management Process

A Quality Management Process is a method by which the quality of deliverables and processes is assured and controlled during the project. This process entails completing a variety of review techniques and implementing a set of corrective actions to address any deficiencies and raise the quality levels within the project.

The Quality Management Process involves:
  • Listing the quality parameters to achieve as per project standards

  • Identifying the types of quality measurement techniques to be undertaken

  • Measuring deliverable and process quality (via Quality Assurance and Quality Control)

  • Taking action to enhance the level of deliverable and process quality

  • Reporting the level of quality attained to project management