SunGeomatics provides the Geospatial service to the mining industry which includes estimation of mineral exploration, construction, operation, transportation, pre and post mining activities environment impact assessment, Environmental rehabilitation, Acid mine drainage monitoring, Disaster planning, GIS data capturing, Calculation of pit and stockpile volumes, Mine expansion planning, High-accuracy DTM for enhanced geophysical analysis, Mine design and planning, Risk measurement, mine closure and landscape restoration.

LiDAR process has many distinct advantages when acquiring an existing or potential mine property. It creates a highly accurate data set, cost effective, combining acquisition and processing, a faster timeframe than traditional approaches.

LiDAR surveys creates a robust data set for volume calculations, geomorphology and structural geology, design of transmission line or road corridors, slope analysis and run off surface modeling for feasibility studies and environmental impact studies.

The deliverables for the mining industries include digital elevation models, topographic maps, Volumetric calculation & analysis, 3D model of mine area, Land-use / Land Cover map, Orthophotography, Enterprise GIS.