Vision & Mission

Welcome To SunGeomatics

SunGeomatics is a Geospatial Services company with expertise in the analysis, mapping and delivery of Geospatial information. Our strong technical expertise with proficient project management process has been providing advanced mapping solutions to a variety of industries worldwide. We are committed to our clients and deliver the highest quality data that meets their requirement standards.

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Quality Policy

To strive for excellence in all possible aspects in our journey to deliver Advanced Geospatial Solutions  to our clients.

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The Quality Management Process involves:

  • Listing the quality parameters to achieve as per project standards

  • Identifying the types of quality measurement techniques to be undertaken

  • Measuring deliverable and process quality (via Quality Assurance and Quality Control)

  • Taking action to enhance the level of deliverable and process quality

  • Reporting the level of quality attained to project management