About Us

Why Sun Geomatics?

We have a clear understanding of not only competition but also requirement of our target customers. Professionals at Sun Geomatics are highly experienced and understand the need of providing exceptional client services which results in significant growth of our company.

We, as a team understand the importance of adding value to our customers through our services which in turn benefits our clients and us. Our strength lies in our people and their commitment has assisted us in maintaining focus on serving our customers exceptionally.

With emerging competition, Sun Geomatics stands out with its unique qualities like

  • Proven work Methodology

  • Innovative quality

  • Realistic thinking through market research

  • 15 years of domain knowledge

  • Delivering the services in a quick turnaround time with high quality.

  • Maintaining the trust, already gained from our customers.

Quality Policy

The Project Quality Management Process is followed during the Execution phase of the Project Management Life Cycle as each deliverable is completed, prior to customer sign-off.

Quality Management Process

A Quality Management Process is a method by which the quality of deliverables and processes is assured and controlled during the project. This process entails completing a variety of review techniques and implementing a set of corrective actions to address any deficiencies and raise the quality levels within the project.

The Quality Management Process involves:
  • Listing the quality targets to achieve (from the Quality Review Form)

  • Identifying the types of quality measurement techniques to be undertaken

  • Measuring deliverable and process quality (via Quality Assurance and Quality Control)

  • Taking action to enhance the level of deliverable and process quality

  • Reporting the level of quality attained to project management